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12 Great Growth Marketing Presentations from Growth Camp

Posted Mike Volpe on 6/13/16 12:21 PM

Last week was Growth Camp, where 200 people came together to share tips on how to grow faster and more effectively.  Each presentation was just 15 minutes, forcing the presenter to boil down their talk to the most essential elements.  Here is a list of all the presentations with links the slides on Slideshare for each one.

Website Optimization Tips - Dreamforce 2010 [Video & PPT]

Posted Mike Volpe on 12/20/10 10:09 AM

I had the pleasure of presenting a session at Dreamforce this year, and I thought I would share it with you.  My portion of the presentation is about 25 minutes, and there are a variety of formats below for your viewing pleasure.

Startup Marketing Tips from 3 Years at HubSpot

Posted Mike Volpe on 6/29/10 12:30 PM

At the Atlassian Starter Day I had a chance to share some of my thoughts on startup marketing based on doing marketing at HubSpot and helping to grow the company from 5 people to over 160 people and nearly 3,000 customers over the past 3+ years.

Free Marketing Graphs and Charts for Keynote Speaking and Workshops

Posted Mike Volpe on 4/22/10 12:30 PM

I speak a lot at different marketing events, and am always looking to add data to my presentations.  Data helps tell a story and provide proof points for what you are presenting.  But, I also found that good data and charts on marketing topics were not easy to find in one place.  The data existed, it was just hard to find quickly and easily.  Knowing that we had a lot of data at HubSpot, I compiled a presentation of over 50 marketing graphs and charts from all the different reports and blog articles we have created.   You can see the presentation below, and you can download the original file of marketing charts and graphs as well.

Inbound Marketing Keynote at W00t! Con (video & ppt slides)

Posted Mike Volpe on 2/22/10 2:15 PM

Today I had the pleasure of delivering the keynote address at W00t! Con in Bakersfield, California.  I used my new iPhone 3Gs to stream the presentation live on Qik (my old phone was just an iPhone 3G and did not do video).  You can watch the presentation in full (until my battery died during th Q&A) or just see the slides.

Inbound Marketing for the Home Appliance and Electronics Industry

Posted Mike Volpe on 8/31/09 11:23 AM

I have the pleasure today of speaking at the BrandSource National Convention, where they have asked me to talk about inbound marketing (and especially social media).  In addition to may latestmaterial, I added a few slides and examples relevant to this particular audience.  But, we're looking for more ideas from you!  See below and leave a comment.

Internet & Technology Summit 2009 Keynote Marketing Presentation

Posted Mike Volpe on 8/24/09 10:30 AM

Today I have the honor of being the keynote speaker at the Internet & Technology Summit 2009 hosted by Tampa Bay CEO Magazine where I spoke about the changes happening in marketing.  I'll try to update the post later with notes or audio/video.

Internet Technolgoy Summit Tampa Bay Mike Volpe Conference Keynote

Content Marketing Case Study

Posted Mike Volpe on 6/17/09 9:30 AM

If you have heard me speak before, you know I believe that content is an important part of inbound marketing.  Not the only part, but an essential part of it.  Here are a couple case study slides from a presentation I am doing this morning.

New England Direct Marketing Association (NEDMA) - Search Engine Optimization (SEO 101) Presentation

Posted Mike Volpe on 5/7/09 10:44 AM

Continuing the long week of presentations, I spoke to the New England Direct Marketing Association (NEDMA) about Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Download the slides or view the full presentation below.

Download PPT slides

Additional useful links related to the NEDMA SEO presentation:

Inbound Marketing and SEO for Travel and Tourism Public Relations (PR) - PRSA 2009

Posted Mike Volpe on 5/6/09 3:50 PM

I presented at the PRSA Travel and Tourism Conference today on inbound marketing and especially search engine optimization specifically for PR (public relations) in the travel and tourism industry.

Download PPT presentation.


  • PR should include creating more content for the company, and not "we won an award" press releases, but interesting stories about the destinations, services and people who travel 
  • Optimize your press releases using Press Release Grader
  • PR should help generate more links back to the client website since more links help power your SEO



March Madness Business Pitch Contest

Posted Mike Volpe on 3/4/09 10:43 AM

My friends at the Bridge Group are having a cool contest this month - a business pitch contest - where 16 pitches will be selected and then face-off 1-1 until a winner is selcted for the grand prize.

It's free to enter, so if you have a "pitch" to submit, check it out.

March Madness Business Pitch

Inbound Marketing at the AMA Albany

Posted Mike Volpe on 2/12/09 10:05 AM

Today I am speaking at the Albany, NY chapter of the AMA (American Marketing Association) about inbound marketing.

For anyone interested in what I am saying, download the presentation (PPT format), or flip through the slides below.

If you saw the presentation and liked it, leave a speaking testimonial on this blog article or on my LinkedIn profile.

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