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Free Marketing Graphs and Charts for Keynote Speaking and Workshops

Posted by Mike Volpe on 4/22/10 12:30 PM

I speak a lot at different marketing events, and am always looking to add data to my presentations.  Data helps tell a story and provide proof points for what you are presenting.  But, I also found that good data and charts on marketing topics were not easy to find in one place.  The data existed, it was just hard to find quickly and easily.  Knowing that we had a lot of data at HubSpot, I compiled a presentation of over 50 marketing graphs and charts from all the different reports and blog articles we have created.   You can see the presentation below, and you can download the original file of marketing charts and graphs as well.

Enjoy! (and yes I am a data geek...)


Mike Volpe

Written by Mike Volpe

Mike Volpe is a startup advisor and angel investor based in Boston.

Topics: presentation, data

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