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Great Content: The Missing Ingredient in Your Conversion Optimization Plan?

Posted by Mike Volpe on 8/22/11 11:00 AM

Conversion Conference - Mike Volpe SpeakerEarlier this year, my good friend and colleague Tim Ash and I collaborated on a webinar called “Optimizing Your Site for Maximum Lead Flow”. If you’re not familiar with Tim, he’s the author of the book “Landing Page Optimization” and chairs an interesting event focused exclusively on website conversion optimization called Conversion Conference.  Tim’s specialty is convincing web visitors to take action on your website, and my niche is attracting people to your website. We made a great team, because together we provided a 360-degree view of website optimization, from getting more people to find your site to getting them to complete your conversion action once they’re there.

It’s clear to me that creating great content is the cornerstone of a successful inbound marketing optimization plan. The internet is about information, which makes it profoundly different from other marketing channels. Eighty-six percent of people skip TV ads, and 44% of direct mail is never looked at. But online, by generating quality, useful information, you have the opportunity to build lasting assets that will draw people to your site like a magnet - that's inbound marketing. Your best prospects will literally seek you out, and if they like your content they’ll return again and again. This is why I think that a good conversion strategy has to be built on the shoulders of a quality content strategy.

Apparently Tim agrees. He’s invited me to present a session called “Monetizing Your Traffic – Turning Blogs & Social Media into Conversion Gold” at the upcoming Conversion Conference in New York City (October 19-20). In addition to explaining some of the key concepts behind building an inbound marketing machine, I’ll be sharing the case study of how we did it at HubSpot.  We literally went from a customer base of a dozen beta customers to over 5,000 in five years. And our growth was powered by inbound marketing, in which content is a key ingredient.

If you haven’t been to Conversion Conference, I highly recommend you check it out, particularly if you have responsibility for the marketing ROI in your organization.  You’ll hear strategies and techniques from experts in the field, as well as case studies from both B2B and B2C marketers. And Tim gave me a discount code that takes $200 of the registration fee. If you decide to register, just enter the code CCE127 to get the discount.  They’re also running an Early Bird special right now, which takes another $500 off, so you can get a full 2-day pass for just $1,095 if you register with my discount code before September 2.

Check out the Agenda and Schedule of events to learn more about the conference, and be sure to stop by and say “hi” if you go.  I'm easy to find!

Mike Volpe

Written by Mike Volpe

Mike Volpe is a startup advisor and angel investor based in Boston.

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