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Elevator Pitch Marketing Contest - Down to the Final Four

Posted by Mike Volpe on 4/6/09 11:34 AM

I am judging a fun elevator pitch contest run by the folks at The Bridge Group.  I am helping to choose the winner from the 4 finalists.  (I have already sent in my votes, but they are secret for now.)

What do you think?  Who should be ranked #1 to #4?  WHY? (leave a comment below)

  • Roger Llamas of Central Desktop - "Central Desktop delivers a Web Based Collaboration software (Saas) for progressive business teams to interact, share and manage their daily work activities from anywhere at any time. It's also been designed to serve as a Company Intranet and Project Management tool as well."
  • Dan Harding of ConnectAndSell - "If you are a B2B sales rep and have experienced the frustration of trying to get to a decision maker on the phone. Now there is a solution for you. It's a technology that can help get the right people on the phone time and time again. In fact you can speak with as many prospects in one hour on the ConnectAndSell service as you would in an entire day of manual dialing. The system is simple to deploy, integrates with most CRM tools, and provides a strong ROI that your organization will benefit from on day one of using the service."
  • Dominic Serafini of Brafton Custom News - "Brafton Custom News helps companies increase their visibility online by publishing unique content to their websites, purpose-built to be relevant, engaging for their target audiences, and then helping to drive those visitors to online revenue streams. Brafton helps websites stay fresh & updated, with interesting news content that is found nowhere else online, so it is incredibly attractive to search engines & online visitors alike."
  • Phil Bernstein of Clear Channel Radio & Online - "I'm in the attention-rental business. If you want to deliver your sales message to thousands of prospects at once, I can help you rent their attention -- 30 or 60 seconds at a time."
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