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Personal Brand vs. Company Brand - Confrontation or Collaboration?

Posted by Mike Volpe on 12/16/08 9:57 AM

brandingI had a chance to speak with Dan Schawbel today for an interview on his blog.  Some quotes that Dan made me think of because of his good questions:

  • When it comes to branding your company as a “cool place to work”, I think it starts with authenticity. We really do think we’re a cool place to work, and we all like working here. If that is true, the next step is just sharing and publishing.
  • I think most blogs fail for two reasons. First, I think most companies write blog articles that they want people to read, but it’s not what people actually want to read.  Second, most companies will start a blog for about 3 months and then stop because “it’s not working”, when it can take a while for the bigger effects to kick in.
  • Not everything works, so with inbound marketing you just experiment a lot, learn from your failures and keep working hard. 
  • I think companies should rethink every aspect of their marketing and ask why they are paying for advertising and could they build their own channel instead.
  • If you're doing your job right, as an inbound marketer, you'll end up building a personal brand naturally as part of promoting your company.

Read the full article "Build Your Company's Brand and Your Brand Will Reap the Rewards"


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