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What's on the mind of Marketing VPs today?

Posted by Mike Volpe on 11/13/08 5:38 PM

This morning I attended a breakfast meeting for the marketing VPs at the portfolio companies of General Catalyst (they led the HubSpot A round investment).  The major topic of discussion was what was on our minds.  The GC folks were trying to get a feeling for what speakers and panels would be good to include in a marketing event aimed at helping their portfolio companies.

The general consensus around the table was the following top topics:

  • Getting more with less - What are best practices on using viral marketing and internet marketing to generate more inbound leads at a low cost?
  • Getting more out of your database - How can you use lead nurturing and other practices to convert more leads into opportunities?
  • Finding good vendors - How can you easily get honest reviews and pricing information on services companies for web design, PR, advertising agencies, etc.?
  • Product management for web 2.0 and Saas - How do you find good people and what are the best practices for product management for software as a service and web 2.0 products?

What's on your mind?  Leave a comment below.

Mike Volpe

Written by Mike Volpe

Mike Volpe is a startup advisor and angel investor based in Boston.

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