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I speak on topics such as Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Blogging for Business, Improving Website Conversions, Video Marketing, Lead Generation and related topics.  I have a lot of experience (over 50 presentations) as a marketing speaker for audiences from 100 to 500 people.  I am NOT a professional speaker, I am a professional marketer, so my content is practical and actionable and based on real world experience.  I enjoy speaking to marketers and business executives, which is why I do a limited number of presentations. 

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Example Marketing Keynote Presentation

This is my keynote on the Social Business Track at the Le Web conference in Paris in December 2012.



"Volpe gets it -- and does so in a very practical manner. Not only does he talk about the role of social media in public relations in a cogent manner, but he also talks about the steps every PR professional should take to really harness social media in a way that's practical and meaningful."  - Matt Kucharski, SVP Technology, Padilla Speer Beardsley PR

"I wanted to personally thank you again for joining us for the Social Media Roadshow.  Everyone in attendance raved about the content, and the discussion was first rate.  We appreciate your sharing of time and expertise.  One of our goals for the chapter is to create meaningful, collaborative conversations and actionable ideas. You all definitely helped deliver that to yesterday's attendees."  - Lisa Dennis, President, Knowledgence Associates

"Mike is a talented speaker with a personable approach and a well organized and informative delivery on the value of inbound marketing. Well worth having as a speaker!" -  Suzanne Dewey, Principal at Forte Partners, LLC

"With regards to public speaking, Mike is top notch. To date, I've invited Mike to speak on 2 different panel discussions because I know that I will get someone who is friendly, engaging, energetic, passionate, intelligent, and well spoken. These are all must-have's when selecting a panelist or a speaker and Mike definitely has them. He is an expert in the field of marketing and has a lot to share. I've learned a lot from Mike. I look forward to working with him in the future, on additional speaking engagements, as well as other projects involving inbound marketing." - Matthew Mamet, Director Product Marketing, Permission TV

"Mike's knowledge about and passion for internet marketing make him a highly effective source for information and inspiration. His presentation on Redesigning Your Website at the 2008 Inbound Marketing Summit is a great example - full of practical information about how to design your website to bring you more leads, and what elements of a typical website redesign are a waste of your time and money. What I value most about Mike's advice and opinions is that they're all based on what works, and he is passionate about gathering data to back up his recommendations. His generosity in sharing his knowledge has been instrumental to the success of so many companies, including my own."  - Catie Foertsch, Founder, Our Town LLC

"Mike is a unique marketing "geek." He has terrific communication skills which he uses for public speaking and on the weekly HubSpot TV show on the Internet. I appreciate Mike's analytical skiils, his commentary and his sense of humor." - Bernie Borges, Founder, Find and Convert

Twitter Mentions

"Forgot to mention that I also got to talk HubSpot.com stuff with Mike Volpe. Great guy and cool product, it turns out." Chris Brogan on Twitter 

"I went to PR Advanced today at BU and it was a great experience. I enjoyed all of the speakers, particularly Mike Volpe from HubSpot." - Claudia Clavijo on Twitter

"Love the HubSpot guys, @mvolpe et al rule :)" - Leslie Poston on Twitter

"@mvolpe I caught your webinar last friday--it was sweet. Thanks for revolutionizing our PR!" - Shawn Cohen on Twitter 

"@mvolpe Excellent webinar on the basics of social media marketing! I hope to study the blurring of personal/professional that was touched on"  and "@mvolpe I enjoyed it...the most useful information I've seen in a webinar. And you took lots of questions, too which was nice." - Liz on Twitter

"@mvolpe Watched your webinar about PR in a social world, really great! have add you in facebook and here. add me too if you want :)" - Håkan Nylén on Twitter

"@mvolpe Great presentation on "Blogging for Business" - Vicki O'Neil on Twitter

"@mvolpe - just watched a webinars on @hubspot - loved it - great info - plan to use what I learned in an upcoming client pitch - you rock!" - Leslie Hawk on Twitter

"@mvolpe thanks for the great social media pr webinar, looking forward to hearing more in the future." - Charles Hua on Twitter

"Read everything on HubSpot and follow @mvolpe. They're masters." - Bard Smith on Twitter

"More proof that @hubspot @mvolpe and @repcor are, in fact, marketing rockstarshttp://ping.fm/YT84M" - Sean Daily on Twitter

"@mvolpe is doing an excellent webinar on blogging for business and I'm attending it" - Mayank Gupta on Twitter

"I learned a lot about bloging for business from @mvolpe and @hubspot" - Jeff Jackson on Twitter

"@Scobleizer I'd include Mike Volpe or someone from HubSpot. There are times I think they actually live in the medium." - Gordon Phillips on Twitter

"Inbound Marketing - SEO + Blogs + Social Media (by HubSpot - http://www.hubspot.com/ - I love HubSpot's webinars! )" - Vanessa Bright on Twitter

"HubSpot offers best webinars on net, best use of net presentation tools. Recommend Landing Page & Twitter webinars at their site." - Tom Colvin on Twitter

"I love the #hubspot webinars. They are always well organized and informative. I have lots to learn and they make it much easier." - Maryann on Twitter

Speaking Engagements



  • November 16: Speaker at Dreamforce (2 sessions)
  • October 28: Keynote speaker at InfluenceHR in NYC
  • August 28: Speaker at INBOUND13 (3 sessions)


  • Sept 27: Keynote speaker at Social Fresh West
  • Aug 28 - Speaker at INBOUND12
  • April 20 - Keynote speaker at Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit
  • March 27 - Guest lecturer at Boston College School of Management
  • March 15 - Speaker on American Marketing Association (AMA) webinar
  • March 5 - Guest lecturer at Hult International Business School
  • January 11 - Speaker at Marketing Peer Breakfast





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