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I'm Mike.  I'm an angel investor and startup growth advisor.  I've made more than 25 angel investments with 4 exits so far (HubSpot, Locately, GroSocial, ThriveHive).  I serve as an advisor to a number of companies and am on the board of directors of Repsly, a mobile CRM company and Attend, an event revenue marketing company.  I've worked in marketing at a number of different startups in Boston and San Francisco.  Most recently, I joined HubSpot as the fifth employee and as CMO helped the company grow from about a dozen beta customers to over 15,000 customers, 1,000 employees, $150m in revenue, and an IPO leading to a $1.7B market cap.

I'm passionate about giving back to the Boston tech community and hold open office hours to pay forward all the amazing advice and guidance I've received from others over the years.  Let's chat!

Startup Blog Articles

12 Great Growth Marketing Presentations from Growth Camp

Last week was Growth Camp, where 200 people came together to share tips on how to grow faster and more effectively.  Each presentation was just 15 minutes, forcing the presenter to boil down their talk to the most essential elements.  Here is a list of all the presentations with links the slides on Slideshare for each one. Growing with Free Apps Blogging to Drive Growth for a...Read more

Announcing Lead Investment in Tettra: Next Gen Corporate Wiki and Collaboration

I am very happy to announce that I have led the first fundraising for Tettra with an investment of $350K* in their pre-seed round (the total round was about $900K).  I love the team, the market, and the vision and I am excited to help them in their journey to build a great company.  Here is the detail behind my investment thesis. Why: Tl;dr: Corporate wikis are tremendously powerful,...Read more

Adding Value to the Venture Capitalist Pass Email

One hard part about investing is that you have to pass on good companies and good people - you say "no" a lot.  One hard part about being a founder is that people say no when you try to recruit them, customers say no when you try to sell to them, and investors say no when you pitch them - you hear "no" a lot.  And especially when pitching investors, it is hard to know the real...Read more

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