Boston Angel Investor and Startup Growth Advisor

I'm Mike.  I'm an angel investor and startup growth advisor.  I've made more than 25 angel investments with 4 exits so far (HubSpot, Locately, GroSocial, ThriveHive).  I serve as an advisor to a number of companies and am on the board of directors of Repsly, a mobile CRM company and Attend, an event revenue marketing company.  I've worked in marketing at a number of different startups in Boston and San Francisco.  Most recently, I joined HubSpot as the fifth employee and as CMO helped the company grow from about a dozen beta customers to over 15,000 customers, 1,000 employees, $150m in revenue, and an IPO leading to a $1.7B market cap.

I'm passionate about giving back to the Boston tech community and hold open office hours to pay forward all the amazing advice and guidance I've received from others over the years.  Let's chat!

Startup Blog Articles

There are Just 2 Business Models - Which One is Your Company?

If you boil down to the essence, there are really only two business models. Better Mousetrap - You are entering an existing market with a product that is better than the existing solutions in some way - could be cheaper, faster, stronger, easier to buy, whatever.  For example, an HDTV is much better than a standard TV but is essentially the same thing.  I love these companies because...Read more

Why Quarterly Businesses are Doomed

One of the little things we did while building HubSpot that turned out to be a big advantage was to run our business monthly, not quarterly.  Marketing goals were monthly.  Sales goals and commissions were monthly.  We produced financial and other reports monthly.  And most importantly we made changes to marketing, sales and the product roadmap monthly. Here's why speed...Read more

Using NPS at a Startup - Tips and Tricks from Experience

I'm hearing more and more questions over time from founders, execs and marketers at startups about NPS (net promoter score).  If you are not familiar with NPS, check out this overview and my interview with the creator of NPS.  We used NPS extensively at HubSpot starting when Jonah Lopin implemented it around 2009 (he's now founder of Crayon, check it out if you do any marketing or...Read more

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