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I'm Mike.  I'm the CMO at Cybereason, a cybersecurity company, and I also serve as an angel investor and startup advisor.  Previously, I joined HubSpot as the fifth employee and as CMO helped the company grow from about a dozen beta customers to over 15,000 customers, 1,000 employees, $150m in revenue, and an IPO leading to a $1.7B market cap.  I've also made more than 25 angel investments with 4 exits so far (HubSpot, Locately, GroSocial, ThriveHive) both alone and with my angel investing co-pilot Yoav Shapira through our Operator.VC non-fund.  I serve as an advisor to a number of companies and am on the board of directors of Repsly, a mobile CRM company and was on the board of Attend until they were acquired by Event Farm.  I've worked in marketing at a number of different startups in Boston and San Francisco and love talking about marketing and growth with other marketers and entrepreneurs.

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2 Different CMOs: Enterprise vs. SMB Marketing

After spending a few months marketing to enterprises with both a field and inside sales team, I have some thoughts on marketing to Enterprise vs SMB and what it means for a CMO. (Don't read anything into this. I am very happy at Cybereason and things are going extremely well.)       CMOs Marketing to Enterprises: Being good at positioning, messaging and storytelling is very...Read more

My Latest Investment - SMB MarTech

I just invested in a company that: has over 60,000 businesses using their software in 180 countries has helped their customers get over 3 million new email signups has a $0 CAC (they spend nothing on marketing) is cash flow break even is growing revenue 10-15% month on month Want to learn more?   Check out the announcement on the Operator.VC blog and the company's official announcement....Read more

Why I Joined Cybereason as CMO

After taking a year to explore the Boston tech community and figure out what I want to do next professionally, I learned a lot about myself and the ecosystem as a whole. One big hole in our ecosystem is pillar companies - companies big enough to make large acquisitions, create enough wealth to spur new angel investors and serve as training grounds for people to grow their careers and then...Read more

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